Cultural Diversity Paper

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  • This project is to a be written paper 5 pages in length APA format.These 5 pages include a cover page and a reference page.
  • Refer to Purnells’ Cultural Competency as a guide to assessing the patient in the identified culture from your Health Assessment course.
  • Is education valued, are boy children preferred over gril children?How do they view families? Is contraception allowed and who is involved in the decision making regarding birth control choices?
  • In an unintended pregnancy is adoption allowed? Is assisted reproductive technology accepted? What about donor sperm or surrogacy?
  • Who attends childbirth?Where do women have babies?What are the special practices employed to support the new mom and baby? Who in the family system makes decisions regarding the woman’s health?
  • What implications does culture present to the issues of womens’ health care?


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