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Elder abuse/applying theory

Week 2 Learning Activity Please view the following video provided in the link below and write a one-page essay (5 sentences minimum each point below) below for an activity grade (10 pts total). No cover sheet or reference page is required; Cite 2 references using APA citation below your paragraphs.

1. Pick one case discussed in the video (Bastion, Lee, Buckles, Smith) and discuss & define in your own words what TYPE of abuse the individual suffered (Ch. 14, pages 310-313).

2. It’s good practice to apply the theoretical framework when working with individuals. Apply theory to the case you picked from the video from Ch. 14, pages 315-318 in your textbook, and explain how the theory can assist in dealing with the scenario.

Example of theories briefly explained in the textbook: Pathology Theory, Theory of Transgenerational Violence, Social Exchange Theory, Situational Model, Feminist Theory, Applied Ecological Framework and/or other social work theory can be used.

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

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