Early 18th-century “worthy poor” colonist

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For your initial post, please write:

  • Imagine you are James Oglethorpe, and you have been granted proprietorship over the territory of Georgia to administer as you see fit. How will you establish your utopian colony? Please consider the following:
    • Who do you admit as settlers? Who are the “worthy poor?”
    • What benefits will you extend to your settlers? Are these subject to certain conditions?
    • How will you turn a profit for your utopian colony?
    • What is your policy on religion? Slavery? “Vices?”
    • Any other miscellaneous details?

Please make sure to answer all the questions and be a bit persuasive in your answers.

Whose proposed colony would you prefer, if you were an early 18th-century “worthy poor” colonist? ( You can answer this question in one sentence or two).


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