Child development

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From psychological perspective discuss child development as outlined in the attachment

No Plagiarism.

(i) Introduction- a brief description of what you will argue in your paper and how this argument will be organized.

  1. ii) Self in Context. A description of yourself between 8 and 12 years old (ways you thought of the world, decisions you made ways in which you related to others) and a description of the context of the context in which were living (influential forces, environmental factors, physical space); use quotes from your interviews in this section.

iii) A explanation of theory: a thorough examination of one theory discussed in class (citing at least five different sources, three of which must be from outside of the reading list).

iV). Contextual application of theory; you will thoughtfully view your 8-12 years old through the lens of this theory. Use it to help the reader understand your 8-12 years-old self: why you thought the thoughts you thought, why you made decisions you made, why you related to others the way you did.

  1. V) Conclusion,

5 pages

N/B. The Bowen Family System Theory. There eight connecting principle of the theory . only three out of 8 concepts should be used in the essay.


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