Domestic Economic Policy


Following the 2008 stock market collapse there were debates about what role the government should play in addressing the economic

problems of the United States. One position argued that increased government spending would soften the economic hardships brought

on by the collapse and ultimately would lead to a resurgence of the economy at a quicker pace. Others argued that government

spending should be decreased in order to create a stronger economy and hasten the economic recovery. For the most part the Federal

government increased spending in response to the 2008 collapse and we continue to debate the merits of such economic policy. Was

this strategy successful? Is this an appropriate use of Federal government power? How did these actions impact the politics of the

current budgetary process?

Respond to this question in a writing assignment. In your answer be sure to take a position and create a thesis statement to

support your position in a 3-5 page double spaced, 12 point font essay. While answering this question, be sure to consider the

theories of fiscal policy covered by text book you decide to use

Your answer should be in the format of a standard academic essay. This includes documentation of others ideas and exact words if

you choose to use outside sources. Use of sources must be properly cited with APA citation style.

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