Catholics and Protestants interacted in England

How Catholics and Protestants interacted in England prior to coming to the New World and how they interacted after their migration to British North America
Your final paper is a polished version of the draft you submitted earlier in the term.

It must include:

• Cover page with the title of the paper, your name, course number, instructor’s name,
and date.
• Introductory paragraph in which you describe the two cultures/groups you will study.
This paragraph should be an expansion of the introductory sentence from your topic
proposal and include an explanation of why you chose these groups and why your topic
is important.
• Thesis in which you explain the historical similarities or differences between each of the
• Body in which you support the thesis with research from a minimum of four scholarly
sources (to include books and/or journal articles). The body must also include
graphics/photos/statistics/charts/newspaper clippings/music tracks as needed, as well
as an explanation why you selected this support.
• Conclusion which is a discussion of why your research is important. Specifically, you
should include a reflection of insights you gained, such as lessons you learned about the
two populations. You should also include a discussion about how these two populations
shaped other historical events.

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