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Disaster Resource Guide

Agency MUST be chosen from somewhere in Broward county, Florida

For this assignment you will write a paper which will include the following information:

Name, address and phone number of at least two services or agencies in student’s community that serve victims or survivors of disaster (Examples include shelters, community outreach providing basic necessities, counseling services that provide aid to particular diverse or immigrant groups, therapy providers treating clients with PTSD at various stages of the life cycle).

Description of type(s) of disaster services provided by these agencies. Include eligibility.

Demographics of population likely to be served by the agencies.
Information will be written in the form of a handout and posted on the discussion board labeled for this assignment (posting on the discussion board is worth 5 points!)
In addition to the discussion posting you must also upload your paper here (the content and quality of your paper will be graded here)
The finished product should be easy to access and convenient to use in an emergency situations.


Disaster Resource Guide

Name of Agency #1: Contact information/location

The following information in paragraph form:

Brief description of the agency

Programs that this agency offers

Clients/Demographics that this agency serves

Information on the eligibility requirements for services through this agency

*Repeat the same format for agency #2

Disaster Resource Guide part 2

This is a second part of the first assignment:

Upload or attach a copy of your Disaster Resource guide handout here so that other students may access your information. Also, please respond to the following question:

During the research you did to compile your disaster resource guide assignment, did you come across a lack of resources in any particular area of need or location? Did you find an abundant amount of a certain kind of resource or more resources located in one area vs. another?

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