Digital Marketing Promotional strategies

Residential week


  1. Aims and Objectives

The residential week aims to provide you with a practical and applied perspective of the
marketing discipline. Secondly, it will give you the opportunity to get advice regarding the
development of your piece of coursework, namely, writing a ‘practical (actionable) report’
that you need to submit as part of your MKT4148 assessment. A residential session will be
allocated to discussing this piece of assessment and replying to any questions you may have.
To benefit from this session, you need to think about a) the organisation (OSN) upon which
your work will be based, b) the structure of your report, c) the information required to
complete a good piece of work, and d) if the client were to receive a copy of your report
could they implement your recommendations?
The Residential will allow you to work in syndicate groups to discuss, disseminate and
present your strategic thinking based upon the information provided throughout the week.
Importantly, the Residential will also provide an opportunity for you to interact socially and
informally with your fellow students and members of marketing faculty.
In summary you will:

Explore contemporary themes in marketing and at diverse and stimulating locations
Develop a deeper understanding of how marketing and non-marketing functions
interact in a range of situations

Learning Outcomes

· Understand and apply the content of practitioner based thinking to theoretical
Comprehend the role of marketing within the context of the organisation
Practice and develop presentation techniques
Enhance and explore group work, negotiation and problem-solving skills

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2. The Residential Assessment

Group Brand Consultancy Report (30% of the total mark)
To investigate the digital strategy of OSN (30% of the overall grade)
As part of Assessment III, students will be working in groups of 4.
a) Group Presentation during the residential week – (week 20)
Deliver a 20×20 PechaKucha group presentation which will form the bases of the digital
consultancy report. This is approximately 6.7mins on the last day of the residential. They
need to tackle given problems as well as identity new problems.
b) Group written report, word count 3.000 words (+/- 10%)
13th April 2018 | 11:59pm
The report needs to cover the identified problem and will explore and develop ideas around
how it might be solved through or with digital, with supporting evidence.
The report needs to cover the identified problem and will explore and develop ideas around
how it might be solved through or with digital, with supporting evidence.

Overview of Residential  
Description of
Students will prepare a group brand consultancy report for OSN, and will
make a presentation on this case. Groups must consist of 3 or 4 students
(4 students per group is the maximum allowed / 3 is the minimum). Any
theory included in the report must be applied to the case study
organisation rather than simply described. When writing your report,
you should always ask yourself this question:
‘Would you be happy for the client to read this?’
Word count 3000 (+/- 10%).
This assessment will address Learning Outcomes 3, 5 and 6.
Format Your work should be 1.5 line-spaced, written using font size 12, Arial,
and referenced appropriately throughout.
The structure of the report should consist of the following sections:
1. Introduction
· Organisational context
· Environment and competition
2. Findings
· The key marketing themes/issues facing the organisation. There may
be several themes identified (e.g., 5-10 different themes) in total.
However, you need to select the three most important themes
(justifying why these are the most important themes) and discuss
those themes in detail. You also need to demonstrate how the three
themes are linked.


· In this section you should find and include relevant data to support
your analysis.
3. Recommendations
· Your recommendations need to be logically argued and actionable,
i.e., they need to be realistically achievable by the organisation.
4. References
5. Appendices
References Harvard Style referencing should be used.
Written Report:
· Depth of analysis (25%)
· Appropriate use of theory (25%)
· Structure of report and clarity of communication (25%)
· Originality of answer (25%)
The presentation is not assessed; however, it must be included in an
appendix to the written report. In the presentation you need to provide
an overview of key branding issues facing the organisation/company you
are focusing on.
The written report should be submitted via Turnitin.
Due date 13 April 2018

The following table details the support you will be receiving for this assignment and the
feedback opportunities you will have.

Support and Feedback sessions for Residential
Coursework Briefing
One seminar will be devoted to explaining the Residential assessment requirements.
The date of this seminar will be announced shortly.
Feedback Opportunities
Feedback will be provided throughout the duration of the Residential.
Feedback on Final Grade
Feedback will normally be provided within 3 weeks of the assessment deadline.

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Grading Scale

The University has a 1-20 grading scale, with grade 1 being the highest grade. The chart
below illustrates how the grading scale equates to the level of classification:

Grade Class of Honours Degree
1 – 4 First
5 – 8 Upper second (2:1)
9-12 Lower second (2:2)
13-16 Third
17 Fail – marginal
Compensation allowed
18 Fail
Compensation allowed
19 Fail
Compensation not allowed
20 Fail – Incorporating failure to participate in
assessment necessary to achieve all learning
outcomes. Compensation not allowed

Grading Feedback Forms
Grading feedback form for the Residential
Group Written Report:
· Depth of analysis (25%)
· Appropriate use of theory (25%)
· Structure of report and clarity of communication (25%)
· Originality of answer (25%)
Indicate the word count on the first page and include a bibliography at the end (Harvard
system) of the document. Your work should be 1.5 line-spaced, written using font size 12,
Arial and referenced appropriately throughout.

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Below is a list of questions that the client is interested in researching through this
project: thesis statement writing help
1. How can OSN use digital and social media to address the issue(s) of content
2. How personalisation of customer digital and social media experiences could
improve OSN’s commercial and strategic objectives?
3. How businesses in the region could increase the adoption of digital payment and
online credit card payment and how could OSN increase online credit card sales?
4. How can OSN use voice recognition across its digital and social assets to increase
customer and organization value?
5. Is the Gulf region ready for omni-channel experiences and what should omnichannel look like for OSN?
6. Identify ways to ensure that subscription numbers will increase through targeted
digital campaigns. Which digital channels would they be more appropriate?
7. Identify innovative ways in digital marketing to communicate quickly and easily
the value and benefits of being a subscriber at OSN.
8. Identify ways to increase OSN visibility and brand engagement within UAE with a
view to increasing all types of subscriptions.
9. Identify problematic areas in the social media engagement for OSN and provide
10. Conduct a comparative analysis with other entertainment networks (3 in total
including OSN) regarding:
Various types of Digital Marketing Promotional strategies do they use and
measure their effectiveness.

5. Group: Report Feedback Sheet

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Written Report


Student Name Student Number

Marking Criteria
1. Depth of analysis 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
2. Appropriate use of theory 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
3. Report Presentation style 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
4. Originality of answer 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Overall Comments
(Restrictions apply: 3000 words +/- 10%, 20×20 presentation attached)
Additional Comments Overleaf:

1) Depth of Analysis, Interpretation and Discussion
(With regard to analytical approach to answering the questions)
2) Application of Marketing Principles
(With regard to use and application of appropriate theory)
3) Presentation Style of the Overall Report
(With regard to appropriate use of report structure, written presentation style, logical sequencing of
information, content, clarity of communications and argument, use of appropriate headings,
evidence of independent thought, grammar, spelling punctuation etc.)
4) Originality of Answer, Initiative, Effort etc.
Total score: _____/100 20 Point scale:
Overall grade for written report: /30%
Tutor Signature: Date: / / 2018
Internal Moderator Signature: Date: / / 2018

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