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Diet analysis academic help

Academic help on diet analysis

1. Keep a detailed food journal for 3 full days, including at least one weekend day (for example: Thursday, Friday Saturday. Or Sunday, Monday Tuesday. Or Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

2. Analysis your personal diet for all 3 full days. Many of the apps you can use will itemize your daily diet and list your daily income of the essential components your diet (meaning, it can list for you the daily protein you consumed, the daily sodium and so on). That makes the assignment easier for you. Find a free app to use. There are a few good ones out there that are FREE.

3. Eat what you normally eat and in your normal portions.

4. Use the text book disk or download any app you like that is reliable, free and user friendly. There are some easy and accurate ones to download to your phone or computer.

5. This is a great opportunity for self evaluation. Be honest and record everything. If you are not following RDA recommendations, you will not be penalized for what you are eating. I want you to evaluate your 3 day diet honestly. I want you to evaluation your overall lifestyle that includes diet and exercise!

6. Answer the following questions in your paper: is your diet healthy? What are you eating too much or too little? What changes can you adopt to improve your diet (and therefore overall health!). I am not making value judgements on your diet. My goal is that you honestly evaluate what you eat in a regular 3 day window of your life.

7. Write an excellent paper that is 3-5 pages long. Double space. Have the writing center review it for grammatical errors and assist you to formulate a college level paper. APA guidelines. Cite appropriately.

Your paper should include: *title

introduction (basic ideas behind the need for each food group, energy, purpose for tracking your diet, recommended food choices, portions, calories and food groups)

methods (how you determined your portions, how you kept track of food consumption, dates and times of each meal, etc

results (portion sizes, eating patterns, estimations of vitamins and minerals, percentage of calories from each food group, etc)

conclusions (how does your diet compare to the RDA (pg A-3 in your text book) guidelines in number of servings, portion size, calorie intake, percentage of fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, carbs, fiber, sugars, proteins, vitamins and sodium)

what potential problems are present with your diet? deficiencies? how will you improve your diet? how does your diet contribute to disease?

use the USDA food guide

use the food pyramid guide / dietary guide / RDA guidelines (all of the above found in your text book)

Attach to your paper the print out from the 3 day diet analysis from whichever application you used.

Diet analysis assignment

Diet analysis academic help

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