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Diagnosis and Description

You are a social worker employed by a local public defender’s office and have been asked to assess an individual who is facing legal charges.

Albert is a 59-year-old Caucasian male who is scheduled for a criminal trial due to a recent arrest. Six weeks ago, Albert was discovered one block from a local elementary school.

A group of third-grade students walking home from school was met by Albert sitting on a nearby park bench. As the children walked past, Albert turned toward them, pulled down his pants, and exposed his genitals for them to see.

It was noted Albert was sexually aroused. An off-duty police officer happened to be in the vicinity and, upon hearing the children’s screams, investigated. Albert was subsequently arrested.

In reviewing Albert’s file, you discover that he is facing a felony charge as this has been the fourth time Albert has been formally charged with exposing himself to children. He has had two prior convictions and has served jail time.

During your interview, Albert reports he first began exposing himself at the age of 19. At that time, he exposed himself to a group of his younger sister’s unsuspecting peers during her 11th  birthday party.

Albert reports repeated incidents throughout his life where he would make a calculated effort to disrobe in front of children in order to “surprise” them by revealing his erect penis.

While he has been arrested four times, he speculates he has engaged in this behavior “hundreds of times” without being caught. This action is sexually stimulating to him.

  • Where you started in the  DSM
  • The diagnoses that you considered
  • How you eliminate some of the diagnoses you considered
  • Any other elements of your decision-making process that were relevant to achieving the final diagnosis

Give the Diagnosis and Description USE DSM-5 DIAGNOSIS


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