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Addictions Impact Family Members & Mental Health Models

Addictions impact family members

Dave and Martha have one son, Jack, who is 14 years old. Jack has been caught stealing from the local market numerous times, and he took his parents’ car out for the evening without their permission. Jack still experiences neck pain from a car accident that he and his mother were involved in two years prior.

You learn that he is taking prescription pain medication that is not prescribed, and you have also noticed that Martha comes to the sessions intoxicated. Jack states that he does not talk to his parents and that he uses the pain medication to help him cope with his family life.

  • Identify the roles that you see Jack, Dave, and Martha having in this family.
  • What behaviors do you think are related to Martha’s drinking?
  • What are the social, economic, and physiological factors that Jack presents due to his addiction?

Mental Health Models

1. How does community planning compare to the medical or behavioral models of mental health?
2. Is a community approach more productive than an individualistic approach?

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