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Development of east Asia and underdevelopment of sub-Saharan Africa

“Write an essay that explains how some or all of these factors (as many as you can) contribute to the development of East Asia and the underdevelopment of Sub-Saharan Africa.” This involves knowing what the different factors mean and then explaining how the contribute to development or underdevelopment. This “knowing” comes from the reading articles and “explaining” comes from listening in class.
How many factors should you cover? it is better to cover few that you real well, that you know for sure rather than cover large number of those you don’t understand.

Here are some factors that help explain:
*The Rise of the East Asian NICS :
-Finance, capital, Banking
-Capital control & transfers
-Technology & technology transfer
-market access
-labor, labor unions
(I found these in the articles assigned for our class: 1. Gereffi 2.Amsden 3.Bardhan)
*the Underdevelopment of Africa:
-colonial legacy
-slave trade
-lack of sufficient investment
-education and literacy
-shortage of technical and managerial skills

Please just explain how the factors listed in the 2 columns (one for East Asia and one for Africa) contribute to positive or negative development of these regions. That’s it. Anything else is not relevant.

Last Updated on March 18, 2018

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