Developing a Crisis Action Plan

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Write a crisis action plan for an organization of your choice (Bossier City Police Department).  IMPORTANT NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended that you not wait until the last minute. This assignment is your opportunity to synthesize and integrate everything you have learned to date into a document that could save your organization from disaster at some unforeseen point in the future. Don’t take the opportunity lightly. The products of this exercise are currently in place, in use, in real-world organizations around the world.


To review where we have come so far: You have been introduced to the Strategic Foresight Initiative and concepts of future studies, which have given you tools to use in visualizing the future and forecasting the threats that your chosen organization may face. You have been introduced to the likely impacts of global warming, which for the rest of our lifetimes will likely be the elephant in the room with respect to the threats that we as individuals, workplaces, societies, and humankind will face. You have been introduced to crisis action planning, with a focus on the complexity of the challenges that need to be faced. Now it’s time to put it all together.


You have undoubtedly noted that everything you have been presented with to date is largely unstructured. Some of the authors you’ve read have asserted that the problem of crisis action planning is so complex that it can’t be completely forecast, modeled, or subjected to efforts to enclose it in a structure. On the one hand, that’s fine, because it gives a glimpse of the complexities that need to be dealt with. On the other hand, that’s not fine, because it leaves little to work with.
For that reason, the crisis action plan you submit will be written into the enclosed template. The purpose of the template is to provide organization to chaos, with the ultimate intent being to give the student and the student’s beneficiary organization something operational to work with.


Be aware of your audience. Your user will be someone who is not an academic that is interested in a theoretical discussion about planning. Your user will be someone who is perhaps in a panicky state of mind and is picking up your plan because they want to know what to do right now. Therefore, it wouldn’t be appropriate to include citations and references. Your user won’t have time to look them up.


The plan has appendices for contact information. Feel free to protect the privacy of your organizational staff by using fictitious names and phone numbers.


You may accomplish this plan in isolation, but in doing so, recognize the limitations in perspective you will bring to the table that some of the authors have talked about. Better is to accomplish the plan as a group project within your organization, with the group being as diverse as possible. As noted, don’t hesitate. Form your forecasting and planning team as quickly as possible and get them to brainstorming what needs to be thought of and what needs to be done. Be thorough. Be comprehensive. Make it a great crisis action plan.


And one additional note: This assignment produces more than its share of plagiarism reports, so be sure to consider the following: The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate mastery of the concepts you learned in class. Therefore it is completely inappropriate to utilize any plans that already exist for your organization, even if you wrote that particular plan. This assignment requires application of a new skill set based on future studies, the forum threat assessment, recognition of potential ‘black swan’ events, etc. Nothing that you have currently on file takes these into consideration. Guaranteed. Be aware that Turnitin responds to the ‘paste’ command–SO DON’T PASTE ANYTHING INTO YOUR DOCUMENT!  Fair warning.

Be sure to provide this and all papers in proper APA format. That being said, note that APA can be relaxed a bit for this assignment. If your plan would look better single-spaced, that would be fine. If bullet statements help accent important information, then use of them would be fine as well.

BCPD List of Threats

The four natural and man-made disasters that pose a threat:

  • Active Shooters: this situation has increased significantly over the years throughout the nation, but fortunately, Bossier City has not experienced this event.  Bossier City has 14 elementary schools, five middle schools, four high schools, one community college, and with all the community events put on during the year the active shooter situation presents a constant threat that requires a significant crisis action plan.
  • Major Accidents:  this significant event driven by the multiple state highways, U.S. highways, Interstates, and railways that cross through Bossier City.  Bossier City has three major state highways, two U.S. Highways, one interstate and two railroads (Union Pacific and Kansas City Southern).  These transportation corridors always present a threat due to major accidents that could consist of mass casualties due to the materials transported through the city, such as hazardous materials classified as explosive, toxic, and radioactive.
  • Barksdale Air Force Base: Is controlled by the Air Force Global Strike Command and home of the 2nd Bomb Wing and 307th Bomb Wing which consists of a combined 44 B-52H Stratofortress Bombers that provide nuclear deterrence across the globe.  Due to the number of munitions (conventional and nuclear) that Barksdale AFB stores and controls, there is a mutual aid agreement with the air force base in case of any mishap that would essentially affect both Barksdale AFB and Bossier City.
  • Natural Disasters:  Flooding and tornados are the primary natural disasters that Bossier City faces every year.  Bossier City’s western border is situated along the Red River and has a couple of smaller rivers that flow through the city as well.  With the extensivenumber of rainstorms and the constant threat of Hurricanes from the Gulf, the city is under constant threat of flooding and tornados.

The three process or product disasters that come to mind in law enforcement that would hinder operations or the services that we provide to the community would be as follows:

  • Communications Failure
  •  Training Shortfalls
  •  Budget Shortfalls

The three fictitious disasters that a police department may face would be as follows:

  •  Police Brutality Accusations
  •  Biased Based Policing/Racial Profiling
  •  Abuse of Power (false arrests/constitution rights violations/illegal search and seizures)


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