Design project

Assume that your design project (or choose a project related to your project) is going to be manufactured in another country. Using the studies provided in class as a background, write about one of the topics below, and compare it for two countries outside of the United States with very different cultures. Back up your claims with research, and cite at least two sources. Minimum word count: 800

  1. How would you recommend changing your design, if your project were to be implemented in these countries? For example, if you implemented your design in China, would the different social and cultural norms necessitate changes to the final design?
  2. What human, social, and cultural barriers may result in difficulties implementing your project?
  3. How would these different cultures change the manufacturing process and cost? Discuss multiple effects. For example, different countries have different costs of living, union involvement, safety regulations, management styles, etc. Discuss the cultural effects that result in these differences.

Last Updated on March 24, 2019

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