Data & The Cloud

(Zeek The Geek) Data & The Cloud

Answer the questions below regarding the BOI you have chosen (Ikea). Use the template provided here to structure your submission: MGMT-220_Project_Week3_Template.docxPreview the document
Identify Important Data
Provide a listing of the important data. This section should answer the question: “What type of thing does/will the IS track?”
Data Volume
For each data item identified, indicate the expected volume of data. (Note: This is a good indicator of what storage vehicle is most appropriate.)
Explore how the cloud is being utilized now.
Cloud Opportunities
What opportunities exist to move to the cloud? Will it save money or solve a problem? Explore what changes need to be made in hardware and software to leverage the cloud. Do any of the above options eliminate the need for specific pieces of software & hardware? If so, which ones. Is it cost effective? What are the risks?
IS Components (Revisited)
Expanding on the work started in previous weeks, add any new IS components you identified this week. If any changes or additions need explanation, add that explanation by way of a footnote.

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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