Data analysis

In this assessment, you need to consider an organisation in an industry of your choice and articulate the steps needed to enable data driven decision making. Describe the current mode of operation, possible inefficiencies, available data and how this data may be used to provide efficiencies based on the concepts and techniques covered in the subject.


Marking criteria

This case study will be marked on the grounds of whether or not the following competencies are present. Writing Style Present? The introduction states the purpose of the case study and its structure. The conclusion summarises the arguments and draws them together into a cohesive finish. The body of the report contains sections that are logically connected to each other. There are fewer than three spelling or grammatical errors per page. The format of the paper is double-spaced, using 12-point font, and within 10% of the word limit. References are included where required with each one recorded in the Harvard format


The problem or potential for efficiency has been clearly identified. Key metrics that define the problem have been identified. It has been verified that there is data that would provide these metrics. The methods that could be used to analyse the data have been explained. An example has been included of a dashboard showing the output from the analysis of sample data


The key stakeholders have been identified. The design of the system that could present insights to these stakeholders has been articulated. The format that could be used to provide this output has been explicated. Organisational benefits and consequences have been specified.


Factors that influence the student’s decision-making processes have been made clear. Challenges in the implementation of the solutions have been declared. The report has insightful graphical representations. Grade for this section (weight 20%) Reflective Skills Present? The student has declared what he/she has learned about data analytics as a result of this assessment. The student has declared the challenges and obstacles that have been personally overcome.

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Last Updated on April 25, 2020

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