Data Analysis Report

Data Analysis Report

For the data analysis report you will be provided with a business problem and asked to test ten hypotheses relating to the business problem presented (posted on Blackboard). Using the SPSS data file provided on Blackboard, you are to prepare a report that details the results of your analysis undertaken to test the hypotheses provided. You will need to interpret your results and provide recommendations to decision makers, linking back to the given problem.

For each hypothesis test you will need to:

1. State the null and alternate hypotheses;

2. Choose an appropriate statistical technique to test the hypothesis;

3. Provide a summary of the nature (characteristics) of the test selected;

4. Perform the appropriate test using SPSS;

5. Report the results (including test statistic and p-value);

6. Include appropriate graphical representation of the results (if appropriate);

7. Provide a suitable description for the graphical output;

8. Provide a statistical interpretation; and

9. Provide a non-statistical interpretation (in layman’s terms

Your report should include:

? Introduction (overview of problem presented);

? Methods of analysis (description of bi-variate and multi-variate analysis techniques to be used, including their assumptions);

? Uni-variate Analysis (of key variables);

? Bi-variate and Multi-variate Analysis (hypothesis testing); and

? Summary and Recommendations.

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