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Critique of Play (The Three Sisters)

Your critique should be 2-3 double spaced, typed pages. You should make use of information from the book chapters on writing a critique, as well as reflecting on the presentation you did for the group discussion. You should write your critique as an academic paper, with your professor being your audience. You could see the play online.

After the play, you should write your critique and include aspects of:

  • ● A review of the goal (state which play you watched, a brief synopsis/summary, the toneof the play (funny, serious, etc.)
  • ● Pronunciation, intonation, sound processes, etc.
  • ● Nonverbal cues and gestures (Chapter 2, 12), ethos/pathos/logos (Chapter 3)
  • ● Visual aid (mis)use
  • ● Organization, development: think about Narrative Design (Public Speaking, p. 41; RevelFig. 3.2) and support/examples for storytelling
  • ● Audience (Chapter 5): demographics, group affiliations, psychographics, audiencediversity, situation
  • ● Emotional appeals, language, appropriateness, etc. (Chapter 4; critical listeningquestions)
  • ● Topic (Chapter 6)
  • ● What went well? What could be improved?


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