Critical Review Movie

Choose and watch one of the following movies (you may need to use Netflix to get your chosen movie). To help in your selection, browse through the trailers in the following website
Motorcycle Diaries
The Mission
Like Water for Chocolate
Tony Manero
The Headless Woman
Silent Light
Then answer the following questions. Be thorough in your answers and supply at least three examples to your responses. Identify which questions you are addressing. Although these questions are separate, please make every effort to make the paper one continuous analysis. You can build on previous questions, etc.
Your paper should still include an introduction of the movie and the analysis, and a conclusion. Your paper should be double spaced, use a size 12 Times New Roman font, include 1″ margins on all sides, use proper MLA in-text citations and reference page citations, and be 3-5 pages in length. Be as descriptive as possible and provide numerous examples. Work should be free of errors, typos, misspelled words, etc.
1. What is the central idea/plot discussed in the movie? What issues or ideas does the writer explore? Are they personal, sociological, global, political, economic, spiritual, medical, or scientific
2. What evidence does the writer use to support the movie’s ideas? Is the evidence convincing…definitive or…speculative? Does the writer depend on personal opinion, observation, and assessment? Or is the evidence factual—based on historical documents, or quotations from (credible) experts?
3. What kind of language does the writer use? Is it objective and dispassionate? Or passionate and earnest? Is it polemical, inflammatory, sarcastic? Does the language help or undercut the writer’s premise?
4. How controversial are the issues raised in the movie? Who is aligned on which sides of the issues? Where do you fall in that line-up?
5. Talk about specific moments and the characters that struck you as significant—or interesting, profound, amusing, illuminating, disturbing, sad…? What was memorable?
6. Does the writer/movie producer criticize or admire the culture? Does he/she wish to preserve or
change the way of life?
7.What is different from your own culture? What do you find most surprising, intriguing or
difficult to understand?
8. What have you learned after watching this movie? Has it broadened your perspective about a difficult issue—personal or societal? Has it introduced you to a culture in another country…or an ethnic or regional culture in your own country?

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