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Critical Analysis Research Papers

9 page, critical analysis paper.The paper will examine a particular event or organization that has been active within the Islamic world. MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH Islamic terrorism. Additionally, you will have to confer with me twice during the term to demonstrate your progress and what you have found so far. You may not use Wikipedia at all. Please use scholarly articles and current news articles.
Some topic examples are: WRITER PICK A TOPIC
ISIS attacks in France
ISIS’ use of terrorism
Women and their struggles with Islamic modernity
Syria and its national problems.
Hamas or Hezbollah
ISIS losing control in Syria
The Taliban in Afganistan.

In writing all essays and research paper, the student must use academically valid sources, and use of a scholarly format. For this class we will use the APA format for citations. The student should use at least 4 sources for the paperStudents should follow the research process to formulate a topic, develop a position, using a well- reasoned argument.

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