Criminal law

  1. Find a news article about a crime or incident, in which the crime or  incident was committed by a defendant in a controversial way, such as due to their intent, status, by omission, or if there was a constitutional issue.
  2. Summarize the incident.
  3. State why you chose it, and why it seems to be controversial.
  4. Discuss why the act was criminal or not. Support your answer with 1. case law, 2. a statute (unless a crime of omission), and 3. a journal article or law review article.
  5. Give your opinion as to whether you think the act should be criminal or not?
  6. Answer two (2)of the following questions:
  7. If you were a legislator, would you change or support the law, if somebody was proposing a change?
  8. If you were a police officer would you arrest the suspect?
  9. If you were the prosecutor, how you argue the defendant was guilty of a crime?
  10. If you were the defense attorney, how would you defend your client?
  11. If you were a judge, would you allow the case to go to trial?

The paper/initial post should be between 200-500 words; more importantly it should be succinct.

Remember grammar counts.

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

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