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Assignment 1:

Chapter 5 discusses acts of restraining others without their consent in order to avoid liability for failing to treat the injured.  Part 2 talks of Dr. Vega’s decision to use four-point restraints to intubate Catherine Shine.  Part 3 encourages EMS workers to enlist law enforcement to act in loco parentis when minors are involved and the family is not available for consent.


You are the head of an ambulance service consisting of nationally-certified emergency medical technicians.  Based on the two cases above, write a policy describing how you want each category treated when consent is not given by the injured:

  • Adults who are in an apparent life-threatening condition,
  • Minors who are in an apparent life-threatening condition, and
  • Minors whose condition is not clearly life-threatening

In your references, find one court case for each situation through an internet search or through Lexis-Nexis.  Use APA style to cite any sources.  Each part of your three-part policy should be at least one double-spaced page in length.


Assignment 2:

Find at least three examples from credible sources where actions by a first responder (state actor) led to harm to a member of the public.  Particularly, find those incidents where a public duty was apparent (rather than special duty).  Search terms such as “family killed by fire engine” will help you locate these cases.


–   Was a civil suit was permitted?


–  Argue for or against the decision on permitting or not permitting a lawsuit against the first responders.  Each case coverage should be not less than 2 pages.  This means the final paper will be at least 6 pages in length.  Use APA style and cite all sources.


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