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Criminal Justice Exam

Intro to Criminal Justice

Exam 1

Section 1Define. Please define the following terms. (4 pts Each)

  1. Motive –
  2. Due Process –
  3. Multiculturalism-
  4. Clearance Rate –
  5. Criminal Law –

Section 2. Short Answer. Please answer the following questions. (5 Pts. Each)

  1. List and explain the 2 major sources of crime statistics.
  2. What 4 elements does the crime of 1st degree murder require?
  3. What are the 4 broad categories of defenses to a criminal charge?
  4. The crime clock distinguishes between what 2 categories of crime?
  5. List and briefly explain the 3 elements necessary for a crime to take place.
  6. What is justice? List the 4 types of justice.
  7. What does the Criminal Justice System have a difficult time balancing? (Hint: Also the theme of the book.)
  8. Which is NOT a justification used as a defense to criminal charges?
  9. Defense of Others
  10. Necessity
  11. Insanity
  12. Resisting Unlawful Arrest
  13. What is the M’Naghten Rule?
  14. List and briefly explain the 4 types of mens rea.
  15. What are the 3 generic kinds of “corporate strategies” that guide American policing? Provide an example of 2 of the strategies.
  16. Explain the difference between the consensus model and the conflict model.

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Section 3: Essay. Please answer the following questions in detail. (10 pts Each)

Essay Question #1: List and explain in detail 5 of the 6 general categories of criminal law violations.

Essay Question #2: List and explain in detail the 5 Basic Purposes of policing.

BONUS QUESTION (5pts): List 5 of the 9 special categories of crime.

Other resources: Introduction to Criminal Justice

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