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Creating a Concept Map

Assignment: Creating a Concept Map

This Assignment provides an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the conceptual components of a theory. Building on this week’s Discussion, you will build a concept map to express the linkages and interrelationships of the concepts in the middle range theory you have selected.  The middle range theory is: ( Orlando’s theory of deliberative nursing)


To prepare:


  • Explore the various concept maps presented in Chapter 7 of The Practice of Nursing Research, as well as the Cooper and Veo articles.


  • Using the information presented in the Learning Resources as a guide, consider the linkages and interrelationships of the conceptual concepts for the theory you identified for this week’s Discussion. What relational statements could be articulated?


  • Create a concept map demonstrating the linkages and interrelationships of the theoretical concepts.


  • Include a clear problem and purpose statement.



  • Express relational statements linking the concepts, literally and diagrammatically.


  • Include references from the literature to support your work.




  1. All paper assignment must be written in APA format (click here for sample APA paperSample APA Paper.pdf). Which means, you must have a cover/Title page (no abstract please), running head, title on the first page, introduction in the first page, at least level-one headings (use headings for each main criteria described for the paper), summary/conclusion paragraph, and a reference page. refer to this library resources and this website for reliable APA sources:


  1. When you are writing your paper, remember your paper assignments are formal/professional/scholarly paper. So, you should NOTuse the first-person language (or use minimally when appropriate if the assignment is asking for your opinion or reflection paper). Please do not use I, I am, me, my, mine, we, us, him, our, etc…, instead, use a third-person or, for example, you can say “the organization”, “the nurses”, “the unit manager”, etc…




  1. You must have at credible references for each professional/scholarly paper. Your references must come from credible resources such as journal articles and reference books. Please do not use magazines or unsupported .com or wikis resources. Also, minimize the use of only online websites.


  1. Please support your arguments in your papers with providing in-text citation of your resources/references. Often students fall into stating some important facts and sometime state their professional opinion. In this case, you must cite the facts and support your professional opinion by citing some relevant or similar literature that supports your stand.

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