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Cumulative Assignment

Cumulative Assignment Directions


This assignment will give you the opportunity to show me what you have really learned in this course. We have covered quite a lot of information from chapters 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14.One of the best ways to understand and retain the concepts you have learned in this course is to relate them to your own life. The directions for the cumulative assignment is as follows:


  1. You will be writing a minimum 5-page paper. Format your paper with 1-inch margins, typed double-spaced using times new roman or courier new 12-point font. I should see 5 full pages of text minimum, not including title page or reference page, which you must also include. Please also include page numbers in the footer.
  2. You will choose one concept that you found interesting from each chapter that you can also relate to a real-life example from your own life. We have covered 12 chapters over the semester, therefore, I should see 12 concepts, again one from each chapter. You will then describe the concept as stated in the book in detail.
  3. After you have described the concept in detail you will then explain what you understand the concept to mean in your own words.
  4. You will then think of an example from your life that relates to the concept, describe the event from your life and explain how it relates to the concept you chose. This means you must choose a concept that you can actually relate to a real-life example.
  5. Note: If you do not feel comfortable sharing personal experiences that is ok. You can share the experience from someone else, something you saw in the environment, or you can make something up as long as it relates to the topic you chose!
  6. Finally, a concept can constitute so much that you read from each chapter. For example, in Chapter 1 a concept could be how we operate on a two-track mind or the nature-nurture theory. In chapter 2 it can be selective attention or inattentional bias. In Chapter 3 it can be Piaget’s theory of development or attachment and so on and so on. The important thing is not picking a concept because it’s a concept, but you have to choose one that you found interesting and that you can apply to an example.


Below you will find how you should format and an example of what I am looking for. (In much more detail of course!)










Chapter 12


The fundamental attribution error is the concept I found most interesting in chapter 12. The fundamental attribution error is …..

I believe the fundamental attribution error means….

I have engaged in this error in my own life. An example of this was when….


So, I should see the chapter stated before each concept. You will be graded on the detail you provide as well as how well your real-life example relates to the concept you chose. Also, please make sure you follow the directions carefully, including the one for the paper formatting as you will be graded on this as well.


Most of all have fun with this!


Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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