Cover letter and resume

WRTG 293 students, Your last writing assignment will be a cover letter and resume. In this assignment, you will locate a job posting in your field, write a cover letter to apply for the position, and write a resume for the position.

Steps to Take in Completing this Assignment:

  1. Locate a job posting in the field or profession you plan to pursue. a. For the previous writing assignment, you located a professional organization in your field. You might find that the professional organization you located has a listserv you can join or other networks through which you can find job opportunities. b. UMUC’s Career Services unit has excellent resources for locating jobs and internships
  2. Submit to your instructor the following: a. either a link to the job posting or the job posting itself pasted into a Word document b. a cover letter to apply for the job c. a resume you are submitting with the cover letter.

UMUC’s Career Services offers a resume tutorial.·Strategies and Tutorials in Writing a resume and cover letter:

UMUC’s Career Services offers a Cover Letter Tutorial.·

UMUC’s Effective Writing Center provides an excellent tutorial on writing resumes.·

UMUC’s Effective Writing Center offers a tutorial on writing cover letters.·

The Purdue OWL has a resume workshop online.·


Last Updated on February 11, 2019