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All of us are subject to powerful influences on our thinking. influences that we are often unaware of. For example, advertisers spend billions of dollars to
manipulate our thinking in ways that are complex and subtle (Chaffee, 2004). In this manipulation, not only is imagery a component of persuading us to be
attracted to a commercial and product, but also the use of language. When we listen and focus on these messages. sometimes we can pick out the language
used. However. many times we do not realize how the language affects us (such as subliminal messages). Language is very powerful. and when used correctly.
control can come your way!

For this assignment, you will use your listening skills to determine particular elements of television commercials, specifically language and imagery that influence
our thinking.


0 Watch three commercials on TV. You may do this assignment with others (friends, family, significant others, etc.) to discuss the techniques each advertiser
is using to shape your thinking. However; you may not collaborate with another classmate and have the same info and answers. Each student will
submit a separate assignment.

Here is what you will do:
1. Describe each commercial and the intent. Explain the message and the language used then analyze how each of the elements in the
commercial – images, music. and most importantly language – affects an audience.
2. Pay particular attention, and listen closely, to the symbolic associations of various images and words (what do they symbolize/what is the
meaning), and identify the powerful emotions that these associations elicit. What emotion is used?
3. Are the commercials effective and what makes them effective? What influential roles do commercials play in our culture as a whole (what do the
For instance, think about how the impact of Nike commercials extends far beyond merely selling athletic shoes and sportswear to creating idealized
images that people strive to emulate (Chaffee, 2004). “I want to be like Mike!”

0 Type this assignment in an essay format. You may write this in third person (“I believe that the Doritos commercial utilized imagery that…”)

0 Use proper internal documentation if you use another source.

0 Number each commercial, state what the commercial is, and then describe the elements and the effect in a separate paragraph.

0 For each commercial, answer the questions and give a detailed description of the language used. music (if any) and the language in the music and how it
ties into the commercial , and how it affects (or is supposed to affect) the viewers.

0 Format your paper using the correct APA style.

0 Submit your paper as an MS Office word document

0 Typed. double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman or Courier font

0 Use correct grammar and spelling.

o Cite your references within the paper when you paraphrase the information or quote someone. Your references should be documented according to APA

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Last Updated on April 25, 2020

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