Country Report

Country Report

Paper instructions:

As you begin your country report, here are a few guidelines:

1. The research paper should consist of two parts–the research of a country of your choice and the research of a multinational corporation operating in that country. The paper should be at least eight to ten pages with a bibliography or a works cited page. Please document all material by using the APA Style of referencing, the MLA Style, or the Chicago Manual of Style. You may go to the (OWL) Online Writing Lab at Purdue University to review the styles of documentation.

2. You may complete your research in local libraries or online. The College of Southern Nevada has three libraries–West Charleston, Cheyenne, and Henderson. County libraries are located across Las Vegas and in other cities.

3. Reference Librarians are available to assist with the location of reference resources.

4. You may include a brief history of the multinational corporation and of the country. You may include a cultural and economic analysis of the country. Under Cultural Analysis, you could include: 1. Geographical setting–including the location, climate and topography 2. Family–parental roles, marriage and courtship, female and male roles 3. Education–primary, secondary, and higher Education–Quality and Literary rates 4. Social Organizations–Race, Ethnicity and Subcultures 5. Religion 6. Health Care 7. Social Security 8. Language

Under Economic Analysis, you could include: 1. The population–Age, Sex, Ethnic Groups 2. Economic statistics–GDP or GNP 3. Transportation 4. Communication systems 5. International Trade Statistics–Major exports and imports–Major trading partners 6. Trade Restrictions–Embargoes, Quotas, Import Taxes, Tariffs, etc. 7. Labor Force–Size and Unemployment rates 8. Currency

You may include any other topics of interest to you. You may review the CIA World Fact Book and Culturalgrams.

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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