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Counseling and Psychotherapy Literature Review

Assessment Task


Write a 2,000 word literature review on a subject of your choice relevant to the field of counselling and psychotherapy. It is expected that this will be an up to date overview of research in the chosen field and will provide a critical analysis of material. Relevant databases and literature should be consulted in the process of this task.


Students must use and be familiar with APA system for this exercise.



Write on psychosomatic disorder as a main research topic. From gestalt psychotherapy, body psychotherapy view points on psychosomatic disorder and how they approach to it.




  • Nowadays there is still debate on boundaries which do not have body contacts with the client, however these two therapies do have contact with clients to work through.


  • Currently there is some old fashion psychotherapists reject alternative therapy such as acupuncture treatment as a part of body work to help and support clients to recover from. Integration of acupuncture treatment and these two psychotherapies would be more beneficial to clients


Acupuncture can release block energy in the body to allow the client to feel their emotions in the body. (I am an experienced acupuncturist for almost 2 decades, so if the writer wants to know more about how acupuncture can release emotions through these treatments, please feel free to ask me)



Below are some example links to support this literature review, the writer can expand his/her understanding to elaborate this paper.


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