Corporate Advertising at Robert Half International

Corporate Advertising

Subject: Business

Provide the following information about corporate advertising communication at Robert Half International with headings for each bullet below:

Title: Corporate Advertising at Robert Half International

Culture: How does the corporate culture affect the way communication about the company occurs?

Audience: describe the typical audience for the corporate advertising.

Attitudes and Concerns: Describe the attitudes of the audience toward the organization including the audiences’ wants or needs and their consistent concerns.

Identity: How does the organization present the corporate advertising to the audience (what does the company say, show, etc. about the organization) and how are the messages sent?

Source and Timing: Who do messages tend to come from to the audience? Are there timing issues with messages?

Perception of Identity: How does the audience currently perceive the identity of the organization?

Consistency: How consistent is the intention of the organization for their corporate image with the identity and image that audience has?

Example: Describe a specific example of corporate advertising ( ad campaign, logos, slogans, etc) and how effective you feel that communication was in delivering its message effectively.

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