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Contract Law Assignment

This task requires the following tasks:

You will draft an Employment Agreement based on the further instructions provided.
You will write a document (not less than one page but no more than two pages) stating how your “employment agreement” meets all the elements of a valid, enforceable contract and the law of jurisdiction to manage non-competition contract. Further explanation is provided below.
You must submit a paper on the Employment Agreement and Canvas to me by 11:59 pm on Sunday, July 22. Please note: You must attach an agreement and a document to a submission. Canvas allows you to attach multiple documents to a submission.

You are an employer and have interviewed for vacancies in your company. You are ready to make an offer to one of the respondents, but first you need to write an Employment Agreement. You are now very concerned about the state of the economy and do not want to enter into any long-term contracts with any of your employees. On the other hand, you don’t want to invest time and money to train new employees, then let the employee leave your company within a year and then work for your competitors.

The Employment Agreement must include the following provisions:

Employer’s name and address (you must choose the applicable jurisdiction and business location between Alabama or Florida)
Employee’s name and address
company description
Job description (you determine what type of work the agreement will cover)
Salary and other benefits
Term of employment agreement
Contract not to compete
Any other regulations that you deem necessary
Signature space and agreement date
The format of the employment agreement should be clear and concise. Use clear language – in other words, don’t use a lot of “legal terms” that most people don’t understand. You are prohibited from copying existing employment agreements. You must write the agreement in your own words. The agreement should not exceed two pages, using the Times New Roman font to type, double the line spacing.

Use your creativity to create employers as well as employee details, company descriptions, salary and other benefits.

Research: Based on the jurisdiction (state) you choose for your employer (Florida or Alabama), you need to study the law regarding the contract and not complete it in that particular state to ensure that your non-competition contract is met. Legal requirements.

Papers: You must write a document explaining how your “employment agreement” meets every element of a valid, enforceable contract. You must also explain how the competition contract not included in your Employment Agreement meets the requirements of the particular state you choose for your business location. However, if the contract for non-participation is not enforceable for your particular company and employment purposes, then you must state the reasons and the applicable law prohibits such terms.

You need to cite at least two external resources to explain the law about contracts that do not compete in the state you choose. The paper should not be less than one page or more than two pages, type, double-spaced, using the Times New Roman 12pt font. All margins must be 1 inch. Only include your first name and last name in your paper. It is not necessary to include other identifying information such as the course name or my name. There should be no more than one space between your name and the beginning of your paper. Use APA Style to reference your source. This means you need to include a text reference and provide a reference page. The reference page does not count toward your allocation page requirements.

Protocols and files must be submitted as Word or PDF documents via the submit link on Canvas. Please note again: you can attach multiple documents to your submission. Please do not attach and submit your agreement, then revisit the link to attach and submit your paper. Both documents must be attached to a single submission.

Here are some resources to help you with this task:

1. The legal environment of the enterprise: database research, p has different databases and other websites legitimate sources provides you. It also explains how to use some databases.

2. Purdue University OWL APA Guide

According to the rating criteria given on the screen

The final job will be to check the Turnitin

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