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Consumer Information Needs & Health Literacy

Learning Resources for Assessment 3

Competencies Learning Resources Pre-Assessment

1. Demonstrate mastery of select and current technology skills.

2. Evaluate health care forces, trends, and professional standards impacting healthcare informatics.

3. Discuss health care informatics relationship to ethical, legal, political, social, cultural, economic, and management issues that impact the delivery of quality and cost-effective healthcare.

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Medline Plus –Evaluating Internet Health
Information: Tutorial from the National
Library of Medicine. Available at:
CLICK on: “Start the Tutorial” (yellow bar in middle of page)
MedlinePlus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing.
Available at: websurfing.html
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Be able to answer the following questions:

What is consumer informatics?

Customer wellbeing informatics analyzes patient data from perspectives like wellbeing proficiency, buyer information and training. The objective is to enable patients while giving them the information they need to settle on their own wellbeing choices. Shopper wellbeing informatics couples the purchasers’ requirements for data with their medical care inclinations to make a customized clinical encounter.


The National Center for Biotechnology characterizes purchaser wellbeing informatics (CHI) as:


Any instrument or framework essentially liable for associating with wellbeing data clients or wellbeing data buyers


Any device into which a patient data sources their wellbeing data and gets an assortment of wellbeing data


An instrument or framework where data or different advantages might be utilized with the help of a medical services proficient, yet doesn’t really rely upon a medical care proficient.


Purchaser Application


Patients are assuming greater liability for dealing with their wellbeing data. They sort out their clinical accounts, lab discoveries and drugs, so they need wellbeing IT applications having some expertise in getting sorted out this data. Applications are worked in light of patients, exhibiting highlights permitting clients to share and sort data, giving them more control of their consideration.


A few classes of CHI applications include:


Applications working with information and comprehension of sickness the board


Applications working with the information on perceptions of every day living (ODL’s)


Applications working with and advancing way of life the board help


Applications working with patient wellbeing, precaution care and self-care/helped care.


Wellbeing IT applications are being made for the Web, diverse informing frameworks and for portable stages, making them as advantageous as feasible for the patients who use them. Wellbeing IT applications use updates and prompts to give exceptional data on clients’ wellbeing, reviewable by the two patients and wellbeing suppliers. The applications likewise use support bunches on the web so patients can speak with one another about various clinical subjects.


Wellbeing frameworks differ contingent upon patients’ requirements. Here are a couple of instances of wellbeing IT applications and how they help patients assume responsibility for their clinical documentation:


Self-Management Systems: These frameworks are profoundly shifted and utilize numerous stages. The best frameworks furnish an opportune reaction with data in regards to the client’s present wellbeing status. A few advancements screen circulatory strain or blood glucose. That data can be gotten from the supplier or straightforwardly from the framework.


Electronic Personal Health Records and Patient Portals: Electronic individual wellbeing records (PHRs) contain a person’s wellbeing data adjusting to broadly perceived norms. The data can be pulled from numerous sources while it’s overseen and constrained by the client. Data found in PHRs incorporates individual identifiers, contact data, prescription history, hypersensitivities and vaccinations.


Companion Interaction Systems: Peer communication applications can work alone or as a feature of a bunch of uses. These applications utilize online gatherings and conversation gatherings to assist patients with imparting other people who have comparative conditions.


Customer wellbeing informatics guidelines, related to wellbeing IT applications, are evolving medical services. Numerous wellbeing IT applications fill a particular need or capacity while some work couple. Despite their individual purposes, these applications are making an incorporating patient medical services framework, giving clients more control of their own ways to accomplishing and keeping up sound ways of life.

What is health literacy?

Wellbeing Literacy is characterized in the Institute of Medicine report, Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion, as “how much people have the ability to get, measure, and comprehend fundamental wellbeing data and administrations expected to settle on proper wellbeing choices.”


Wellbeing education requires an intricate gathering of perusing, tuning in, scientific, and dynamic abilities, just as the capacity to apply these abilities to wellbeing circumstances. For instance, it remembers the capacity to comprehend guidelines for physician endorsed drug bottles, arrangement slips, clinical schooling handouts, specialist’s headings and assent structures, and the capacity to arrange complex medical services frameworks.


Later definitions center around explicit abilities expected to explore the medical care framework and the significance of clear correspondence between medical services suppliers and their patients. Both medical services suppliers and patients assume significant parts in wellbeing education. The quantity of various definitions for wellbeing proficiency exhibit how the field has advanced.

• How can nurses facilitate patient’s health literacy?

• What criteria are used to evaluate health resources on the Internet?

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