Consumer Information Needs & Health Literacy

Learning Resources for Assessment 3

Competencies Learning Resources Pre-Assessment
1. Demonstrate mastery of select and current technology skills.
2. Evaluate health care forces, trends, and professional standards impacting healthcare informatics.
3. Discuss health care informatics relationship to ethical, legal, political, social, cultural, economic, and management issues that impact the delivery of quality and costeffective healthcare.
McGonigle & Mastrian (2012) Chapters 14 &
McGonigle & Mastrian (2014)
Chapters 12 & 17
Medline Plus –Evaluating Internet Health
Information: Tutorial from the National
Library of Medicine. Available at:
CLICK on: “Start the Tutorial” (yellow bar in
middle of page)
MedlinePlus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing.
Available at:

Baur, C. (2011) Calling the nation to act:
Implementing the national action plan to
improve health literacy. Nursing Outlook, 59,
Be able to answer the following
• What is consumer informatics?
• What is health literacy?
• How can nurses facilitate
patient’s health literacy?
• What criteria are used to evaluate
health resources on the Internet?

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