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The Constitution and Reconstruction Era

Please submit a summary of Discussion I and the topics of “The Constitution and Reconstruction Era” unit that is 3-5
pages, double-spaced, and which addresses the following points: (1) provides your analysis and evaluation of the
materials and historical topics covered in the “Constitution and Reconstruction Era” unit, (2) summarizes the discussion
itself, noting your fellow students’ opinions of the topics discussed and what positions they took and how the topics
interrelate, (3) summarizes whether the discussion changed and/or reinforced your initial opinions about the topics and
why, and then (4) evaluates how the topics discussed in this discussion as well as the rest of the materials and historical
topics we covered relates to the current controversies regarding the roles of the Executive and Legislative Branches and
the Russia investigation and attacks on the FBI, the powers of the President, the immigration and refugee bans, and the
use of executive orders to create policy, as well as voter suppression, the Black Lives Matter movement and
controversies over Confederate statues, and issues of equality and inequality now that you have a deeper
understanding of the origins of the Constitution and some sense of it’s creators “intent” as highlighted by our first unit

Please note that your level and quality of participation in the discussions themselves will be factored in to your grade
for the discussion summary. Do not plagiarize any part of this summary – any plagiarism will result in a grade of O for
this assignment.

NOTE: “3-5 pages, double-spaced” is a guideline to about how long your summary should be if you were doing it in
Word – canvas does not have page separations or let you double space so don’t panic about the formatting – but realize
that spelling, grammar, and structure do count as part of the grade of this assignment.

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