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Barriers that Effect Family Engagement




Literature Review



The Culminating Project experience is an opportunity for you to combine your theoretical knowledge and pedagogical expertise to improve current practice in an educational setting.  It is not a traditional Master’s thesis.  The culminating project seminar supports you in planning, implementing and reporting your project.




The literature review summarizes and synthesizes the arguments and ideas of scholars in a field of study. Also, it provides important background information that a researcher uses to situate his/her project in an academic area. I require a minimum of thirty citations (peer-reviewed, research articles only!)for this literature review.


There are three required sections for this literature review:

Theme: Cultural Differences

Theme: Language/Communication Barriers

Theme: Parental Perceptions and Attitudes/Negative School Experiences.

Theme: Parental Illiteracy

Theme: Socioeconomic Status



  1. Introduction
  2. Provide a clear, concise description of topic.
  3. Discuss the importance/relevance of topic to a particular audience.
  4. Present an overview of the subsections (i.e., themes/patterns/issues) that you will take up in the review.


  1. Body

ie: Theme: Language/Communication Barriers

ie: Define the theme (I define language/communication barriers as……)

  1. Provide a clear, concise description of subsection.
  2. Discuss where this shows up in the literature—in more than one source.
  3. Discuss the findings or the key ideas.
  4. Present areas of disagreement or unanswered questions.


Repeat a. – d. for each subsection. (each theme)


  • Conclusions
    1. Discuss what you have drawn from the literature review.
    2. Reiterate the key findings (briefly) and areas of agreement and/or disagreement.
    3. Indicate what questions remain to be answered—what further research could be undertaken.
    4. Restate the purpose of the project and research question(s).



You may write in the first person. All other APA rules apply (i.e., cover page, running heads, etc.). See me if you have any questions.


Recommended Length:Varies



Desired Outcome                                        Evaluation Criteria                                                              Grading                                    


Detailed discussion                                     Quality and clarity of,                                                         CR/NC

of relevant                                                                 introduction and conclusions,

literature                                                                                logic and clarity of findings,

overallorganization, clarity,

and mechanics.






Literature Review

Assessment Rubric



Evaluation Criteria


Quality & Clarity of Introduction


Clear discussions with identifiable focus.Good discussions with minor ambiguities. Focus is stated but needs greater clarity.Unclear discussions with major ambiguities. Focus is unclear.Discussions and focus are not understandable.

Logic and Clarity of Findings


Strong logic and clear discussions of findings.Good logic with minor ambiguities. Discussions of findings need greater clarity.Unclear logic with major ambiguities. Discussions of findings are unclear.Logic and discussions of findings are not understandable.

Quality & Clarity of Conclusions


Clear conclusions with identifiable focus.Good conclusions with minor ambiguities. Focus stated but need greater clarity.Unclear conclusions with major ambiguities. Focus is unclear.Conclusions and focus are not understandable.

Overall Organization,

Clarity and



Little or no problems with grammar, spelling, and/or organization. Excellent use of APA formats where appropriate.Minor problems noted with grammar, spelling, and/or organization.  Consistent use of APA formats where appropriate.Major problems noted with grammar, spelling, and/or organization. Inconsistent use of APA formats.Poor editing of written work. Poor and inconsistent use of APA formats.






Format for Annotations for each articles used, present all annotations after the reference page.



Author(s)’ Last Name(s), Initials(s). Publication Year. Title of Article.

Name of Journal/Volume/Number/Page Numbers


  1. What is the main point of this article?
  2. Describe the methodology used. (Design)
  3. Describe the findings
  4. What, if anything, is notable about this article?
  5. Note specific details you find relevant, especially the relationship between this article and your research question(s).

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