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Conflict and negotiation

Managing Conflict

Most of us will face conflict throughout our lives. Being able to negotiate and manage conflict effectively is important in the workplace. Given this, the focus of this unit will be on learning how to manage conflict more effectively.

  • Describe a recent conflict that you experienced (preferably one that you encountered on the job).
  • Discuss the conflict in terms of the five stages that are described in your textbook (potential opposition or incompatibility, cognition and personalization, intentions, behavior, and outcomes).
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your approach to managing the conflict.
  • Discuss what you could do differently if a similar conflict were to arise in the future.


Take the Self-Assessment: Do you have the Makings of a Good Negotiator.

  • Discuss your results in terms of effectiveness and individual differences in negotiation.
  • Considering the results, discuss the type of bargaining strategy that would work best for you and why.
  • Select two of the five steps in the negotiation process listed in your text that you are most likely to struggle with, given your negotiation style.
  • Based on your analysis, describe ways in which you could overcome these obstacles to effective negotiation.

There are 2 parts. A minimum of 350 words per section with references,

Reference: Luecke, R. (2010). Best practice workplace negotiations. New York, NY: American Management Association Self-Study.


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