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Computerized Accounting

Computerized Accounting

Homework #12 – Formulas for Accountants: Tables & Filtering

1)Convert the data below into a Table (insert ribbon)
2)Add a row for Belhaven; add numbers for the sports listed
3)Add a total row at the bottom of the table (right mouse on any cell in the table, Select “Table” and “Total Row”
4)Copy the total formula to each sport and check the results
5)Name your table (Table Tools, Design, Table Name-upper left corner)
6)Change the style of your table to one you like (Table Tools, Design, Table Styles)
7)Enter a formula to add the two schools that start with “M” in the row provided below the table.
8)Filter the School Name to show totals for Mississippi State & Missouri; compare to manual calculation in row 40
9)Clear the filter on school
10)Sort the table by School name. Note that the manual calculation below the table for “M” schools is no longer correct
11)Filter the School Name to show all schools that start with the letter ‘T’; Type the Total for Tennis  in the cell provided below the table.
12)Clear the filter on school name
13)Filter Baseball data as greater than 60.  Note the different options for numbers’ columns vs. text columns.
14)Type the Total in the cell provided below the table
 School Football Basketball Baseball Tennis Soccer Track
 Texas Tech1356075388256
 Ole Miss1204560236741
 South Carolina1154055186236
 Mississippi State98233814519
Enter Formula for “M” Schools-all sports
Type the “T” Schools’ total for Tennis
Type the total for Baseball > 60

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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