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CompStat model of the NYPD

CompStat model of the NYPD

Yet, there are many agencies throughout the country that do not or cannot follow the CompStat model of the NYPD. Assume for the purposes of this exercise that you are an upper level manager of a mid-sized police department somewhere in the United States. Your Chief of Police has not implemented a CompStat model for many reasons; his stated primary concern has been budgetary. He has remarked that the cost of implementing CompStat would be too large for an agency with only 150 sworn officers. He has also stated that he is not sure if the politics are right; a major shift in the way the police department does things might not be a good move, everything seems to be going so smoothly right now with community leaders, city administrators, the press, and according to all crime rate reports. He feels the current community-policing model in effect is working extremely well.

Submit an essay arguing both sides of why the CompStat model may or may not be the best alternative for your agency to utilize. Critique the five basic principles of the CompStat model, and discuss long-term and short-term effectiveness measures. If your Chief decides he is going to implement a CompStat model, he will need an implementation plan. What will that entail?

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