Criminal critical

Criminal critical

Your task for this high-stakes assignment is to consider the above incidents for context while you respond to the following points in an 8- to 10-page Word document:

Should the primary objective of police or law enforcement organizations be to reduce crime? If not, what should police or law enforcement organizations aim to accomplish?

Evaluate efforts to better integrate municipal police forces. What barriers stand in the way of recruiting officers who more accurately reflect the makeup of the community?

Terror incidents can be devastating, but they are rare. How should local police departments balance the need to protect against terrorism with the needs of daily law enforcement?

Examine how CompStat has helped in crime reduction and quality of life improvement.

Explain the implications CompStat has for the recruitment and training of policing officers. Present your ideas for increasing the efficiency of the training of police officers in accordance with CompStat.

How can CompStat and other similar programs be used for goals other than crime reduction?

Criminal critical

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