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Substantive Post:

A substantive discussion posting consists of the following characteristics:
Reflection about meaning: Describe thoughtfully what something means or new insights it provides, or raise a question as a seed for clarification or further discussion.
Analysis: Discuss relevant themes, concepts, main ideas, components, or relationships among ideas, or, identify hidden assumptions or fallacies in reasoning.
Elaboration: Build on ideas of others or ideas found in the readings by adding details, examples, a different viewpoint,. or other relevant information.
Application: Provide examples of how principles or concepts can be applied to actual situations, or discuss the implications of theory for practice.
Synthesis: Integrate multiple views to provide a summary, a new perspective, or a creative refashioning of ideas. Evaluation: Assess the accuracy, reasonableness, or quality of ideas.

The primary answer should have at least 2 scholarly sources, one can be the textbook, no Wikipedia.
A good discussion is at least 100 words in the main answer.

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