Collaborative negotiation

This assignment is about the collaborative negotiations.


I’m a salesperson for MoCo Systems, a medical device manufacturer. Our systems are used in a variety of medical labs and have proven to increase the effectiveness of the laboratories where they have been introduced. I have just secured verbal approval for a substantial sale from the lab director of a new client, but now have to negotiate the contract with the company’s procurement department. Thus, as a collaborative negotiator, I am about to negotiate a business deal with a skilled competitive bargainer. I’m very nervous, because the procurement person is unlikely to care about the relationship I have built with the lab manager, nor is the procurement person likely to care how good our systems are or how much they will improve the operations of the laboratory. You might think that the competitive bargainer would have the upper hand, not caring at all about the relationship, but a collaborative negotiator is not without power in the situation as well.


What advice would you have for me on how to use the collaborative negotiation skills we’ve learned over the past few sessions to negotiate effectively with the competitive procurement person.


Please write 3-5 bulleted points of advice for me.


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