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Clinical Decision Support System

Research of a Clinical Decision Support System (10 points)
Write a 5-7 page (double-spaced) paper describing and evaluating a clinical decision support system. choose from the following list. The list of possible decision support programs to research include: MYCIN, OPAL/ONCOCIN, Leeds Abdominal Pain System, DxPlain, Internist-1/Quick Medical Reference (QMR), Iliad, EON/Protege, Isabel, Casnet, Germwatcher, Help, and ATTENDING.

The paper should include the following sections:

Overview. Who or what company designed the system, when was the system used and is it still in use, how much does/did the system cost if it is/was sold? 1 point.

What form of data was input into the system (i.e. signs and symptoms, clinical guideline rules, etc)? 1 point.

What type of reasoning model does it use (how does it work – does it use rules, fuzzy logic, neural networks, etc. to go from the raw data to its conclusions)? 2 points.

What made this program novel compared to other programs? 1 point.

What was the level of acceptance and use and/or are there any studies showing the systems effectiveness in improving outcomes or diagnoses or at least comparing the system to a gold standard? If you struggle with this section due to lack of information, provide your own analysis and clearly state that you express your own opinion due to lack of published information. However, you are strongly encouraged to identify at least one source of information that is not your own. 2 points.

What were the core benefits of the decision support program? 1 point.

What were the limitations of the decision support program? 1 point.

Reference list. This is not exactly a research paper, so there is no minimum or maximum number of references to consider, but you need to cite any sources that you do use in the APA format. 1 point.

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