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Civil Rights Movement

Please answer all questions in the form of complete essays. Be specific and explain your answers in detail.


Explain the significance of De Jure Segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Civil Rights Act. Currently, what are African-Americans experiencing in our society? Has their quality of life been improving or not?

With respect to American Indians, discuss the significance of the initial European contact, the “Indian Problem”, the Ghost Dance Movement and the Dawes Act. What does the future hold for these American Indians?


Discuss the immigration patterns of Hispanic groups. How do they all differ? What is the significance of the Chicano Movement. How are the experiences of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans different? Personally, what is the future for Hispanic in the US?

With respect to Asian Americans, explain the two categories of the Asian experience. How do the immigration patterns of the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos and Vietnamese differ? Discuss the significance of the “Yellow Peril” and the Japanese Internment Camps during World War II. Personally, how to you feel about how Asian Americans were treated in the past?


Are white ethnic groups a minority? Discuss why. Explain how the patterns of immigration differ for the various white ethnic groups and how the Jewish immigrant experience is a special case. Discuss the three factors affecting the mobility and assimilation of white ethnic groups. Also, what effect does industrialization play?

How does contemporary immigration differ from that of these white ethnic groups? Personally, what do you think is the future of immigration issues in the US?


Why is there gender inequality in the US? What roles do patriarchy and sexism play? What is the experience of women in the workplace, economic system, educational system and political system? How do feminists see this situation and what solutions do they propose? Personally, what do you see as the future for sex and gender in the US?

Are people from a different sexual orientation treated as minorities? What is the significance of heterosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality, and homosexuality? Discuss the Gay Rights Movement in contrast to the Civil Rights Movement. Are there differences and similarities. What is the future for same-sex marriage in the US?

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