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the book is on google books it’s a sampler World Civilization 7th edition Phillip J. Adler/Randall L. Pouwels thanks again

For a long time China managed to keep its general populace isolated from the rest
of the world. Yet despite this separation of the ideas of others, they managed to
flourish in the arts and sciences.
Read Chapters 13, 18 and 19 of the textbook by Adler & Pouwels
Complete Map 8 on pages 31-33 by Kosso
Write a l-page double-space response researching the technological
advances that were found in the Han, Tang and Song Dynasties.

What were their technological advances?

Which Dynasty contributed the most in this arena and Why?

What evidence is there to support your claims?
It is not necessary to apply a formatting style for this assignment except

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