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Children with disabilities

(LD) Chris is a high school student with a reading disability. Despite years of trying, he was unable to make sense of the printed the word. Finally, when he was in middle school, evaluation showed that he has a learned disability. As a result of consistent failure in school, Chris is not confident of his academic ability, nor is he socially competent. As para professional in the resource room, you have ample opportunity to interact with Chris. You find him to be witty and very bright despite his problems.

a) Chris asks you talk to his English teacher for him and to explain his learning his learning disability to her. How do you respond to his request?
b) Chris learns best by listening; writing and reading are severely impacted by his learning disability. He requests that you attend his classes with him, take notes, and read those notes to him. Is this a good strategy? Why ort why not? If it is not a good a strategy what alternatives can you suggest.
c) Chris attends all his IEP team.

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