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Career Investigation Report

Assignment-2 Career Investigation Report (pg 11 & 12 of attached file)This task requires you to write a report which evaluates career opportunities and threats for you as a graduate looking to enter the Australian market.

Your evaluation must be based on:? an Australian context, and; ? career options relevant to the Masters qualification you are currently studyingIn this task you must write a report which evaluates career opportunities and threats, and develop recommendations based on these findings.

Your report must be structured as follows:

a) Choose your target industry and related professional occupation. Evaluate whether current trends in the Australian Labour Market will present career opportunities and/or threats within your target industry. Areas for suggested research include but are not limited to: employment trends, impacts of technology and competition in the labour market.

b) Choose one OTHER industry and related professional occupation relevant to the Masters qualification you are currently studying. Evaluate and explain why this industry and occupation is a viable option for your career path. In your justification you must refer to relevant labour market information and other secondary research.GWP 900: International Workplace Practice Subject Outline Trimester 1, 2019 Page 12 of 19The industry you choose must be different to the target industry you identified in Part A.

c) Identify 2 creative job seeking strategies and discuss how you can create opportunities when seeking work in your chosen profession/s. This discussion must be in relation to Part A and/or Part B.

d) With reference to the intercultural theories discussed in class, identify and evaluate 2 – 3 intercultural threats and/or opportunities you might face in recruitment or the workplace.

e) Recommendations section. Based on your research and analysis in Parts A – D, write 3 – 4 recommendations which will increase your employability and prepare you to enter the Australian job market

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