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Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer

M6 Discussion – Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer

This discussion forum has two parts:

Part A:

What is Cardiovascular Disease? How does lifestyle contribute to lowering or raising your risk factors? Please view the short video: Life’s Simple 7. What from the video relates further to these topics more specifically?

Part B:

What are the inherent and environmental risk factors for cancer? How does behavioral factors increase or decrease risk of cancer? Additionally, what from the video Your Health Depends on Where You Live also relates to this discussion?
Required Reading
Reading Chapters 9 & 10
Video: Davenhall, Bill. (Oct. 2009). Your Health Depends On Where You Live. TEDTalks. (9:59)
Video: American Heart Association. (June, 2014). Life’s Simple 7 – Simple Factors that Impact Health and Quality of Life. (3:50).

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