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Business studies movie review

The first deliverable asks you to submit a five-page (max, double spaced) paper giving a diagnosis about your organization or a department within in it. Your required focus areas are:

Evaluate the overall strategy of the org/dept, focused on Michael Porter’s definition of “unique and valuable proposition to the market.” Remember that the “market” may be internal, but there is always a customer base of some kind. Is the strategy truly unique? And valuable?
Evaluate the key systems and processes in the org/dept. Are they robust and reliable? Do they integrate with each other? Do they add value? Do they provide the right information for managers to make decisions? (Note that few organizations, if any, have ideal systems/processes. The question is whether their development is headed in the right direction, and if the velocity of change is sufficient.)
Evaluate the structure of the org/dept, using Greiner’s model as your guide. How are competitor/similar orgs structured? Are you in the best phase (or in a crisis)? (Note: Greiner applies to an entire organization, not a department or business unit. So if you’re evaluating a department, show how it is a part of the company structure.) Is the structure consistent with the strategy?
Evaluate the culture of the org/dept, using the Tribal Leadership scale. As part of your analysis, is there alignment between stated values and norms of behavior?
As a check on an older model, give the bottom line on a 7-S assessment: which “S” is most out of alignment, or in danger of being out of alignment in the future?
Evaluate the fit between strategy, structure, systems/processes and culture. Which one is your primary concern, and deserves the most attention?
What are stakeholders’ views on the what, how, and why of your role? To what extent do others see you as having authority (or influence) about the issues you raised in the paper.
What are the most important focus area(s) for the next 100 days?

the book is “Tribal Leadership” by Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fisher-wright

attached is a sample of a student who completed a draft of the report.

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