BP oil spill

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This assignment will require you to research a recent ecological disaster/accident or concern that had, is having, or could have toxicological repercussions. You are asked to write a Wikipedia style entry that includes all the pertinent information on the topic (see below for suggestions).

The minimum page limit five pages to include text, diagrams, charts, and graphs where as necessary, however please make sure that all information is complete and do not feel limited to the 5pgs.

Suggested information to include:

Historical Context Events that lead to, caused, or could cause an ecological disaster/accident

Chemical Background/Exposure Concerns Chemical Exposure Concerns from the ecological disaster/accident Chemical Structures, Mixture components Concentrations are typically used in products or released in the environment Chemical/Drug discovery: Synthetic or Natural, what are they used for? when were they produced?

Regulatory data: Are any of the chemicals currently under regulation? Which agency is responsible for regulation? What regulations have been set or are under consideration?

Exposure Sources/Targets Ecological, Humans, Occupational, Environmental, Location, Systems, etc.

Risk Assessment & Adverse Health Effects List of all documented effects (primary and secondary sources including epidemiological evidence, laboratory studies, EPA safety data, FDA safety data, etc.) Discrepancies (Conflicting information on the safety) Current and Future Research (List what is currently unknown)


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