Bible assignment

Objective and general guidance:

The main purpose of Task 3 is to re-present to your reader the message in the book of Exodus (and provide some other factual information about it)

Content Objectives: Follow the instructions below.

  1. 1. Introduction (a short paragraph): Use the available sources provided to answer these 5 factual questions about the text of Exodus:

Who wrote it? Who was it written for?
When was it written? Where was it written?
In what language was it originally written?

  1. Representation of the message in Exodus Use your reading of Exodus to address this general question: What is the message of Exodus? To accomplish this objective, complete the following tasks (underline the key words in your paper, as  here, to help both you and me easily identify what you are doing), all of which should be addressed by identifying the author’s assertions or implications
    (NOT yours):

What Question is being addressed in the message? (one actual question, or perhaps more)
What is the Answer to the Question? (a long paragraph, that actually answers the question)
What Basis is provided to validate (or support, or justify) the Answer? (give a short answer)
What is the Significance (eg., the consequences, the implications) of the Answer? (give a
short answer)


Introduction should be one paragraph. Question and answer should be another paragraph. Basis in one paragraph and significance another paragraph. (Total 4 paragraph)

Requirements on Work Submitted:

  1. 1. SIZE &FONT: Use the standard Times New Roman font, at size Do NOT use any other font or size.
  2. MARGINS: Use margins which are ONE INCH on ALL sides.Do NOT use larger or smaller margins.
  3. SPACING: DOUBLE SPACE all the lines of your text. Do NOT use spacing or triple spacing, and do NOT
    create extra spacing between paragraphs.
    If your work varies from the above font, margin and spacing instructions,
    the actual size of your text will be estimated to determine whether it fits the minimum length requirements.
  4. QUOTATIONS: Do NOT use QUOTATIONS. Paraphrase material instead. If you quote, there will be
    deductions appropriate to the amount of quoting. Quotations are prohibited because they tell the reader little about
    what you know or think, and because they consume valuable space in a short writing assignment whose purpose is
    to show your knowledge. Any idea not yours should instead be paraphrased (expressed in your own words). The
    source of paraphrased material must still be cited because it is not yours.
  5. CITATIONS: Properly CITE the sources of the material you paraphrase. For sources in texts required for the
    course, you may use parenthetical citations (author’s last name [or abbreviated title] and pager s n. Do NOT use
    sources without identifying them.
    That is plagiarism because it misrepresents the source of your work to the reader,
    whether you intended to deceive the reader or not.
  6. HEADING: On the FIRST LINE of page 1, type this information, with slashes: Name / Course Title / Task # /
    Date submitted. Start your text on the SECOND line. Do NOT use cover a page.


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