Bi-Annual OSHA Safety Training

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Unit VI & VII Assignment

The company you work for has decided to purchase OSHA Safety Training from a third party contractor to be supplied bi-annually for the entire company.
Your supervisor has assigned you the task of creating a research proposal for the company to help guide them in this purchase.
Two sources will be supplied by the customer. The remaining two sources are the writer’s choice and can be websites, such as the website for the company that sells what you are purchasing or other information the writer feels is pertinent.
Provide the heading, purpose, summary, introduction, body, and closing. Include research from the sources to help you build an effective proposal. Organize the body of your proposal clearly so that readers can locate the essential information easily, including at least one visual. The visual could be a table or matrix for scheduling the training for different departments such as piping/plumbing, electrical, service, sheet-metal and commissioning or other type of visual the writer selects. The customer can fill-in unknown heading information.
Your research proposal should be a minimum of eight pages.
Reference for Safety Training Unit VI CSU Library info 1.pdf (supplied by customer)

McGuire, J. P., & Snead, B. (2017). Safety Training. Rock Products, 120(8), 116-120.

Reference for Safety Training Unit VI CSU Library info 2.pdf (supplied by customer)

Speed, V. (2017). Stepped Up Awareness. ENR: Engineering News-Record, S1-S5.

Occupational Safety and Health

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